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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Jonathan has several years of international sales and negotiating experience, his attention to detail and client satisfaction have become second-to-none.

Jonathans is a premier real estate agent in Los Angeles who specializes in ultra high-end luxury estates. From Bel Air, Beverly Park, Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills to Brentwood, Alejandro's knowledge of the Westside real estate market is vast and continually growing.


  • Birthdate : 02/09/1982
  • Phone : +1 213-261-1931
  • Email : sales@square1grp.com
  • Website : www.square1grp.com
  • Address : 415 N Alvarado Street, Suite 1
    Los Angeles, CA 90026.

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"It's easy to see the passion that Jonathan has for his work. He really cares about making the whole process a real pleasure."

Jak Doven


"My home couldn't have sold higher without Jon. He is awesome."

John Dugen


"I am incredibly happy with my home since working with Jon! He is the best at this job."

Jane Niget


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