How to Create and Manage an Engaging Facebook Business Page

We discussed the importance of using Facebook in our post Top Social Media Sites and How Best to Utilize Them. Here we’ll go into more detail on how to create and manage an engaging Facebook business page.

Getting Started

First thing’s first. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, it’s time to start one. Don’t make the mistake of creating a profile page for your business (although if you have, Facebook offers a way to convert a profile page into a business page).

Photo Credit: httpss://www.facebook.com/apartmenttherapy/

Facebook’s Page Basics walks you through the steps to get your Facebook business page off the ground. Select the category in which your company falls (or the closest category). Next, fill out the information about your business. At a minimum, you’ll need copy to fill out the About section, and you’ll need a cover image and a profile photo. See the example above by Apartment Therapy, a website dedicated to home design, DIY, and organization. Keep in mind that users will go to your Facebook page seeking where to find you, how to contact you, and what you offer. Put your best foot forward with quality copy and useful information.

Photo Credit: httpss://www.facebook.com/pg/Chilis-Grill-Bar-430214147036343/about/?ref=page_internal

In the above example by Chili’s, the page category (“American Restaurant”), descriptive information on the company, and the business’ story are presented for readers. Chili’s story exemplifies the core mission and passions of the company. It also mentions that customers can pick up food to go.

Photo Credit: httpss://www.facebook.com/Disney/

Disney’s About section on Facebook presents an impressive timeline of Milestones. Simple descriptions about these major accomplishments educate readers about the company and its credibility. On the other hand, the Story doesn’t go into as much detail as in other examples. Most people, however, know what Disney does. As you craft your business page, angle your content for your audience and focus on what is useful and valuable for your target market.

Side Tabs

Companies now have more options than ever when it comes to filling out their Facebook business pages. Restaurants can upload their food and drink menus, stores can upload products for purchase, and musicians can post their shows under Events.

Navigational tabs on the left-hand side of the business pages allows users to find exactly what they need as they plan their interaction with a company. They can decide on which dishes to order from a new restaurant before calling in a to-go order, RSVP to a community event, write Reviews, connect with friends through the Community tabs, and/or compare products while exploring the Shop tabs.

When deciding which tabs to include on your business page focus your energies. Offer information that is related to your company and your goals. A toy company won’t need to upload a menu, but a toy marketer may wish to add a Photos tab and a Shop tab, so consumers can browse the toys with their families. A good rule of thumb is to present the categories and features that will most appeal to your audience.

Tabs linking to other social media accounts are one feature that any page may benefit from. Encouraging new traffic to your social media profiles extends your reach across your audiences.

Photo Credit: httpss://www.facebook.com/victoriassecret/

Victoria’s Secret has an Instagram feed tab in which users can browse the company’s Instagram without leaving Facebook. The same online content on Instagram is marketed to new audiences on Facebook, saving marketers’ time and energy. All of the visual and active representations of the women wearing the company’s product (instead of showing clothes on a rack or on top of a plain background) are designed for Instagram’s photo-based platform, but they will also appeal to audiences with similar interests on Facebook.

Customer Service

Providing customer service is essential to managing a page on Facebook. First, turn on messaging on your page, so potential and current customers can direct message you. Not everyone calls or emails companies anymore regarding their concerns. It’s becoming more common for consumers to message a company on social media and/or write a review when they encounter a difficulty.

Contact users in a timely manner and provide excellent customer service. Your dedication will show users that you care and you’ll begin to develop relationships with potential customers. Hopefully, you’ll be able to prevent a bad review and avoid permanently losing a current customer. If a user does publish a negative review on Facebook, respond and offer assistance as best you can. Try to make the situation right, and show your online audience that you care about delivering the best service and product possible.

Post Engaging Content

Last but not least by any means, to engage users on Facebook you have to stand out among the crowd. Post engaging content that inspires users to like, share, comment, and connect with you. Check out the examples below by coffee juggernaut Starbucks for some inspiration on crafting engaging Facebook posts.

Photo Credit: httpss://www.facebook.com/Starbucks/

Starbucks hits the mark on multiple levels with the above post (that received 7.6 thousand reactions on Facebook). The visually appealing photo draws the user’s eyes into the scene. Seashells and beach sand evoke the beauty and happiness associated with the summer months. The s’mores drink kindles memories of making s’mores and sitting by a fire pit at the beach with family and friends. On top of that, the creative caption recalls memories of childhood rhymes and songs. Starbucks is cemented as a fun brand and a fun product in customers’ minds.

Photo Credit: httpss://www.facebook.com/Starbucks/

Starbucks lovers are inspired to go out and buy a drink with a friend after reading the post above. The text promotes a BOGO buy one, get one free deal. Other than a smile on the left-hand side of the image, no human faces appear. Users can insert themselves into the scene illustrated in which two friends are having a delightful moment with Starbucks cups in their hands. Are the having a fun conversation, catching up after a period of absence, or smiling at an inside joke? Either way, it makes us want to drink a grande iced espresso! A picture of Starbucks as a place where you enjoy enticing offers, smile with friends, and go to enjoy yourself is promoted in the published post.

The posts above share some characteristics that make them effective. They feature:

-Visual content that draws the eye

-High-quality photos

-Appealing scenes that inspire onlookers to drink Starbucks coffee

-Fun content

-Concise text and informative captions

-Promotions that give consumers an opportunity to save money

Some companies budget to promote their Facebook posts through Facebook advertising. A promoted post extends the company’s reach and taps into new audiences. You may also decide to budget for Facebook ads where you can highlight promotions, product features, services, your blog posts, etc.

As you begin to place more emphasis on your online presence and branding through your Facebook business page, be sure to track and measure your efforts. Adjust as you go and find out which strategies work best for you and your audience.

Square 1 Group is a web development firm that specializes in creating customized web design for our clients. In addition to ongoing maintenance and support, we offer expertise in content creation and online marketing. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how to promote your business on social media and how to optimize your website.

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