3 Tools To Come Up With Blog Topics


It’s called writers block. Every great blogger hit it eventually.  Many in the early stages of their career. That moment when you draw a blank about what to write. It hit me hard during my early blogging days. Sure, a simple Google search can result you in a bunch of tips for creating blog posts. However when you put it in the context of what you’re blog is about, sometimes they don’t fit.

Here are 3 really cool tools you can use to come up with blog topics. They all work similarly in their own way. You input a few keywords and they spew out ideas. Each one has their own special twang to it. Check them out!

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

You input 3 words and the system spews out 5 ideas. Not bad to kick things off for a few examples of topics on the fly.


Protent’s Content Idea Generator

This is another really simple tool. You plug in several keywords and your topic. They system spews out a few ideas to write about.  The cool part about Protent’s tool is it has some personality in it gives you little joke bubbles next to the topic.



This is a really interesting product. I haven’t gotten my hands dirty to use it yet but I know it’s one of the most used tools in content generating history. It shows the most popular articles out there so you can create, reiterate, argue a buzz worthy topic.


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