2016 SEO Ranking Factors Cheatsheet


Every year all of the major SEO firms analyze millions of Google searches to identify specific KPI’s to make your site rank for certain keywords. The fact of the matter is, every one of these sites themselves are so concerned with keeping up with their word count quota’s, they bombard their reports with data points that would typically confuse the common enthusiast. Here is a quick, simple and easy to read version of those reports to let you know that it’s not as complicated as they make it seem.  With enough effort, you too can make your site rank for Google searches.

Factor 1: Backlinks

This is still the most important factor from all of the years of trying to make sites rank for keywords. The more backlinks from relevant sites you have linking back to your site using your desired anchor text will result in better SERPS. There’s no easy way to do this.  Just know that the better back links you have the better chances you have of scaling up the Google rankings.

Factor 2: A well optimized site

A well optimized site is the other half of those long word driven Ranking Factor reports. Make sure that your title, meta information and webpage have the correct keywords. Make sure that your URL is not to long and have the words you are targeting too. Make sure all of the pages are linked together (internal linking). Lastly, make sure your site is responsive and loads quickly. Easy peasy!

Factor 3: Social Mentions

On a smaller scale, social media has a factor to search engine rankings. Search engines track the amount of shares, likes and retweets a specific article has on a site. This is to make sure that the content you are creating is newsworthy and viable. If you’re getting shares for a specific article then you are creating great content. It’s as simple as that!

If I were to divide each factor into a pie of importance it would be 45% backlinks, 45% a well optimized site and 10% social media mentions. That’s it! All of that other mumbo jumo on the reports are just there to confuse you and complicate things. At a granular level, if you stick to these 3 factors you will see success in your search engine marketing strategies. I would love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below and add your two cents. I hope you enjoyed the article. Until the next one… Cheers!


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